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Senior Stress

Esmeralda Gonzalez

Senior Stress

We are again at that time of year in which seniors are filling out college applications and stressing over their admission essays. Stepping into their final year, the seniors are meeting their final high school requirements, asking for recommendation letters, and writing college application essays. College applications are now open, and it comes as no surprise that many students are freaking out about staying on track and meeting deadlines. The College and Career Center is holding various presentations with college administrators to expand students’ knowledge of options and assisting them in the application process.

The overall outcome of success will depend entirely on the level of value one has towards their education. For the students that have jobs, school, and/or sports on a regular basis consuming much needed time, a lot is at stake. How successful can we be in our college search, when we have so much going on around us everyday? Even though every student does different things in their lives outside of school like jobs and sports or other activities, we all fall under the same pressure, with the same question of : what is your plan after high school? College? Work? Everyone is headed in a different direction, and many of them aren’t even eighteen, so there is immense pressure circulating within the senior class. Not only that, but the thousands of dollars of debt in school remains a prominent concern. For students hoping to be accepted in a UC, Cal State or any other private/public university, loads of students debt is deemed necessary in order to expand our education.

The year is flying by far too fast and soon, students will hold more responsibilities, take more risks, and explore new opportunities in their lives very quickly that will pave a road of influence.

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