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September Athlete of the Month: Hayden Randolf

Girls’ volleyball is starting to wind down as the Forge has chosen our next Athlete of the Month: junior varsity starter, Hayden Randolph. Randolph is a natural athlete, excelling in both soccer and volleyball. Randolph’s volleyball career began in fifth grade when she grew restless sitting and watching her older sister’s tournaments, so she decided it was her time to walk onto the court. She provides a crucial leadership role on the team by bringing a contagious, positive energy that gets her teammates pumped for competition. “Hayden is definitely an asset to the team,” says varsity player, Reese Kelley. “She makes everyone feel confident in themselves and always strives to do her best, even when the competition is tough.” 

Randolph also fell in love with soccer when she was just three years old and has been actively participating in club soccer since she was six years old. As a freshman, she was placed on Santa Barbara High’s varsity soccer team as center midfield. With the club season currently in session, Ralndolph struggles to find time for her volleyball practices, high school soccer practices and school work. At the end of the day, her stressful and time-demanding schedule dictates that she is efficient and focused, as she has learned to fit in everything and still succeed in all areas.

Hayden Randolph’s biggest inspiration is her sister, Devan. The two have supported each other for a long time, and were even partners during beach volleyball season last year. Randolph plays to make her sister and herself proud. She hopes to play soccer in college, but right now she is focusing on doing her best on her high school and club teams. Make sure to go support Hayden Randolph at our last few volleyball games, and look forward to seeing her on the soccer field in the spring. 


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