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Basketball Season Preview

With all of the Fall sports coming to an end, a whole new set of winter sports is being introduced, including a Don’s favorite, basketball, which is one of the most entertaining sports to follow here at Santa Barbara High School. 

Last year’s team had a great season and ended up going all the way to the CIF semifinals, but lost in heartbreaking circumstances against a tough opponent partially due to some controversial officiating. Overall, their season did not go unnoticed, and people across the county came to watch the Dons fiercely face off against their opponents. The team destroyed San Marcos in both of their meetings and proceeded to reign undefeated in league, which granted immense improvement from the previous year. A lot has changed from last year, though,and the boys are hoping to get another chance at making it to CIF and competing to win the championship.

This years current Dons Varsity team has a whole new coaching staff, as last year’s coaches stepped down; and the job was given to two current teachers at Santa Barbara High School with a history of impressive basketball experience, Corey Adam and Greg Zuffelato. The new coaches are beyond excited to have this year’s team, as the boys have demonstrated so much talent and potential. Additionally, the Don’s team has undergone some significant modification; they lost last year’s seniors who played big roles on the team. Thankfully this years captains, Stephen Davis and Bryce Warrecker, have returned and are readily determined to lead their team towards success. Alongside this season’s talented captains, there are also Juniors who are coming up to varsity after proving themselves in a strong JV season last year. 

This season, the dons are aiming to win league and potentially going even farther than that. Success will undoubtedly not be as simple as it sounds. The Dons league is filled with other talented athletes and teams such as San Marcos High School, that are still nursing a grudge after losing in both previous rivalry games. The Dons are remaining optimistic that once again they will sweep San Marcos during the season.

This year, the Dons basketball team will have a very long and challenging schedule ahead, as the varsity team will be playing many tournaments across the state against many skillful and experienced teams. One team they will play against, St. John Bosco, is known around the entire state for their incredible football and basketball programs. St. John Bosco will most likely be a very tough game for the Dons, and they will have to play their very best in order for them to come out victorious, but there is no doubt in their victory.

The Dons basketball program this season should be a team to watch, and everyone should keep an eye on them as there is a big chance that they can make it past league and into the playoffs, and maybe even farther. The Dons first game was against the Buena Bulldogs at home on November 18th.


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    My name is Andre battle and I am the sports editor for the Forge! I love basketball, the beach, and hanging out with my friends. I am a Senior and have been doing the forge ever since freshman year. 

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