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Football Season Overview

This season, the Dons football program had an all around great season, and the streak continued into the playoffs. The team clearly began the season as a unified team, which reflected on the field and showed that they were a team to keep an eye on this season.

This Varsity team consisted of many incredible players who were impressive throughout the season. The offense, led by Junior Deacon Hill, who has already committed to the University of Wisconsin, was a looming threat to every one of the Dons opponents, and the offense were rarely stopped. But the Dons this season were not only an offensive powerhouse; they had their strong defense backing them up, and they would not back down to anyone. The defense was stronger than it had been in years, and kept their opponents with under 10 points scored in many games. It seemed unfair in every Dons win that they had such an overpowering team on both sides of the field.

The Dons finished the regular season with an overall record of 7-2 and were undefeated in league (4-0). They were able to secure first place in league, with a big win over Lompoc High School, an opponent that had foiled the Dons many times before and gave the Dons a very tough battle. But, the Dons were able to overcome Lompoc’s defense, and after a few clutch field goals, they were able to take the 27-21 victory over the Braves. 

One of the most memorable games of the year was the win over San Marcos. Even without a home field, the Dons still took the big game away from the Royals and were able to sustain the title of best team in the local area. The game was packed with fans, and it was a huge ego boost for the Dons as they went further into the season.

The Dons’ regular season was definitely a season that the Dons should be proud of. They are going to have to play their best in their upcoming games as they move into the playoffs and will face much tougher opponents. But, at their best, it will be hard for any team to stop them, because they have shown that they are the ultimate team on the field. Their hot streak from the regular season continued into the playoffs, as they won their first two playoff games against very tough teams. They were able to make it al the way to the CIF championship, but fell short and lost in a heartbreaker.


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