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Head Over Heels in Review: Gender Bending and The Go-Go’s

Head Over Heels hit the Santa Barbara High School theatre Friday November 8th and 9th and was a hit! The show was energetic and lively. The theater department has once again exceeded our expectations and put on a fantastic show.

The musical follows the kingdom of Arcadia and their quest to remain in possession of the supernatural force known as “the beat”, which keeps their beloved kingdom prosperous. During the show, gender roles and sexuality, are respectfully explored in earnest by the characters.

The actors are high energy and create a fun and exciting show that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entirety of it. Throughout the majority of the shows put on by Santa Barbara High, there has been no shortage of actors and crew members bringing one hundred percent to the table, or stage, in this case. The actors don’t feel like actors, they feel like characters, with emotions that the audience feels right alongside the characters. The crew is covert, keeping the audience immersed within the show. Although such an extravagant performance seems like it would take an incredible amount of work to create, the Santa Barbara High School theater department makes it seem effortless.

Costume design, by Eliana Mullens, was nothing short of excellent. The onstage attire was intricately detailed and overall created an incredible aesthetic upon the stage. The audience was captivated, not simply by the actors, but also by the magnificent costumes that drew them in. The set was designed by Otto Layman, the director and theater teacher at Santa Barbara High, and was built with assistance from the stagecraft and play production classes. The director, Otto Layman has created yet again another fantastic show! His expertise and attentiveness make for an incredible show. 

The audience I attended the show with was boisterous and enjoyed the entire show. Everytime a song finished, thunderous applause followed and filled the theater. Even throughout the dialogue and acting there was excitement from the crowd. There were multiple cases in which it seemed as if every single person in the theater was laughing. The talented actors never failed to keep the audience thoroughly entertained.

High school productions, in some circles, are given a bad rap, considering they are often put on by students who do not necessarily care about the show. This, however, is not the case for the students of Santa Barbara High. The actors portray an energy, a love if you will, for what they are doing. This passion is undoubtedly displayed on stage throughout every second of every production done by Santa Barbara High.

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