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It’s Grind Time for College

With college application deadlines looming in the air, the senior class is beginning to scramble. After months of SAT and ACT preparation, college visits, and various spam emails from the usual suspects like Drexel and Loyola University, students have finally chosen the schools they would most likely attend. Personally, with grades to maintain as well as college apps to complete, this semester has been stressful, but there is hope that the seniors’ atmosphere will settle down once the second semester rolls around. 

The senior class isn’t the only group with a large workload, as juniors are approaching the middle of their hardest year yet. Many of them should know by now that this is their most important year (grade-wise), and prepping for college applications should start now. Luckily for them, Santa Barbara High School has an extensive list of free resources that every student should take advantage of. Our school counselor’s job is not solely to create your schedule; they provide a lot of information students may need about planning for our future and going to them regularly could help lead you to the right path and set you up for a successful graduation. Another crucial resource is our College and Career Center. This program aims to build connections in order to teach students the necessary skills to be independent and responsible for their academic success. Personally, I have gone to the College and Career Center to get help with my college applications, creating a College Board account, and to learn more about potential job and community service opportunities. Informational college visits are held there almost every week during the fall semester, so I would also strongly advise juniors and seniors alike to attend them. 

High school is an eventful time for almost everyone and it is easy to get distracted. For juniors and seniors especially, it is important for us to stay on task and focus on our goals. If we use our school’s resources properly, the process will go by much more swiftly, and there will be plenty of time for fun experiences without the weight of a to-do list dragging you down. Seniors, we’re almost done. Juniors, good luck!


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