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A Beginners Guide to Modern Day Witchcraft

During the times of Covid-19, many people have started to become more in tune with their spirituality. It has become a trend on TikTok to buy crystals, incense, and tarot cards. It is believed that witchy practices can change your life. I am a strong believer in witchcraft and have been surrounded by people who also practice my whole life. When you hear the words “witchcraft,” many people’s minds go to demonic practices and think that witches are evil. Witchcraft has been around for many many years. Many people have thought witchcraft was dangerous. And women were even killed for being suspected of witchcraft (i.e., the Salem witch trials). Now people have grown to understand that witchcraft is not a danger to society but rather a practice of mindfulness. Witchcraft is a practice to better yourself and the people around you. It can even cause mass positive change in the world. Just like any power, physical or spiritual, it can be used for good or bad. It all relies on intention. Many witches believe that if you project hate you receive it back 10 times.

How to tell if witchcraft is meant for you:

If you are interested in being more in tune with your spirituality and intuition DO NOT do it for the aesthetics. Just because it is all over social media and all your friends are doing it, does not mean that witchcraft right for you. Usually, if you are chosen to be a witch, you will start being more drawn to crystals and being more in tune with that feeling in your gut, or the burning of your ears when someone is being untruthful. Another sign is seeing what is called an angel number for example; 222,1111,444. Most times, these numbers are seen on a clock or you will just notice these numbers wherever you are. This means your spirit guides are ready for you to see them and utilize them in your practice. One more huge sign is the strength of your intuition. That is a big word so I’m going to break down what intuition is. In the simplest form, intuition is knowing something without having to be taught/told it, or knowing something before it happens. For example; if you see a strange person walking down the street your intuition will tell you to stay away from that person. There are many more signs but these are the most common in modern-day witches.


Tarot cards are used for not necessarily telling the future but guiding you to make the future easier for you. You pick 3,6, or 9 of the cards to see what your spirit guides have to tell you. A lot of these readings are seen on TikTok and some witches will give readings to people that see the video on their For You Page. You use your energy to pull cards from the tarot deck and you pick up the cards you are most drawn to. This is a very big part of witchcraft and can be used by anyone with the right intentions.


A lot of people know what crystals are and what they look like but not many people are very interested in the healing properties of crystals. People in my family have used crystals for as long as I can remember. There are many healing properties but the most common ones are love, protection, and intuition. There are many different stones for each of these things. You can also use stones to heal your chakras through ritualistic practices. A lot of people believe that crystals can’t heal you. However, back to the idea of intention, a crystal will not fulfill its power if your intention is not pure and trusting. If you aren’t open-minded to the experience you will never know if it’s real or not. A huge part of getting into witchcraft is open-mindedness.

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