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Dons Off to Graduate

I’d like to begin by saying congratulations to all the dons graduating this year. I know that this year may have been hard for some if not all of you. To mold into a new normal is not easy. As the year comes to an end and we all lead into new paths whether that be a job, a four year college, SBCC, or whatever else lies ahead for you, you did well. We are all proud of what you have overcome. The school will be congratulating us all with a graduation. Graduation this year will be different from previous ones. Each graduate will get 4 tickets and each attendee must show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours of graduation. Graduation begins at about 6 pm but gates will be open as early as 4:30 pm. There will be last-minute covid tests. Graduation is aiming to end at about 8 pm. For our graduates, we will be having a mandatory practice the day before as well as the day of, early in the morning. You may receive your diploma as early as June 7th. As of now, we have all completed our last day of high school.

I would now like to highlight and congratulate just a few of the many seniors heading off to colleges. To start, Izabella Borduas will be attending University of Arizona; Madeline Gunderson will be attending Boston University majoring in Political science; Lily Holbrook will be attending University of Texas, Austin; Elise Arcuri will be attending University of Cincinnati for Ballet; Luke Borders will be attending UC Irvine for Aerospace Engineering; Alexandra Apodaca will be attending Washington State University for Animal Science, Pre- Veterinary; Anabelle Tate will be attending Weber State University for Fine Arts; Andrew Douglas will be attending UC San Diego for Real Estate Development & Urban Planning; India Knox Kelly will be attending Concordia University Montreal for Marketing; Aoife Braverman will be attending Washington & Lee University for Neuroscience; Raven O’Donnell will be attending California Institute of the Arts for Experience Design & Production; Emelia Aragon will be attending Emerson College for Theatre and Performance; Naomi Ellis will be attending Wesleyan University for Science in Society; Maxine Borders will be attending UC Santa Barbara for Sociology; Madeline Rodgers will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for Engineering/ Computer Science; Tiffany Medel will be attending University of San Diego for Business Entrepreneurship; Jonah Tharakan will be attending UC Berkeley for Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Jackeline Figueroa Estrada will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for Sociology; Grace Miller will be attending Chapman University for Creative Producing; Sofia Tognotti will be attending Tulane University for Molecular/Cellular Biology and Public Health; Victoria Reynoso Gil will be attending University of Southern California for Communications; Isabella Obando will be attending Loyola Marymount University. This is just a small list of the seniors that have been accepted to a four-year college. Here is a map of all the colleges our seniors have been accepted to. Once again, congratulations to all!


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