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The Midnight Gospel

After watching The Midnight Gospel, I would recommend this movie to anyone who has an open mind. I feel like there is more to this cartoon than meets the eye, and close minded people will just not understand some of these concepts, but it is still good to watch someone’s perspective on how they see the world. Sometimes when people aren’t ready for this kind of thinking it just leads into a spiral of chaos. If you are thinking about watching this show, but know you aren’t ready, just wait till a time you think you are. Sometimes if you wake up too soon you can leave into a path of confusion. 

This show Is also good for adults who are open minded but can only understand these big concepts in cartoon form. This is really good for spiritual people because it can help you figure out your own theories in life. I think by watching it you can gain something from it and look at life in a different perspective then the one you have now. This show is also good for people with ADHD because each episode is a different story. So for people like myself this would be good to watch because it keeps you on your toes and you won’t get bored of it. That would be one of the downsides though for some other people because they need a storyline in order to stay focused on the show.

I would definitely give this show a five star rating because the ideas were perfectly instructed for the viewer to understand. Every episode in the end helps you start questioning everything we as a society fully don’t understand, and helps the close-minded people start opening up to different thinking patterns than the one they have been following their whole life. 

In conclusion, this would be a good show to watch if you want to learn something new or even just get a small laugh out of it. This is a good TV show to just sit back and not worry about the day. Just remember that this show isn’t for everyone and just go into watching it with an open mind.

[Image Credit: The Midnight Gospel]


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