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The Class of Covid: The New Students at Santa Barbara High School

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, and Santa Barbara High School students are no stranger to this. From six-hour computer screen weekdays to friendless weekends and bleary-eyed eight AM zoom calls, it is safe to say that the past year and a half has not been the traditional SBHS experience.

But what is the normal SBHS experience? Seniors and juniors can recall this time pretty well since they were on campus before the pandemic. However, our underclassmen never got that chance, as their last in-person experience was two years ago at a junior high school.

In the video, “The Class of Covid,” we explore what this means for new students. How do they feel about being at a big high school compared to their comfortable room at home? Did they like in-person school better? Or worse? What has this change from online learning been like for them?

Watch The Forge’s video story to hear firsthand about the experiences of “The Class of Covid.”

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  • Anya McCue

    Anya McCue is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and editor in chief of The Forge. She hopes to bring the SBHS community closer together through the publication of spotlights on student and Santa Barbara life. In addition to writing for the Forge, Anya is involved in ASB Leadership and dances with her ballet studio. She also loves playing guitar and being with her friends and family.


  1. Dena Davis Dena Davis September 29, 2021

    Love this! You are all amazing and resilient!

  2. Ms. Bryan Ms. Bryan September 29, 2021

    Anya & Carlo – What a fantastic job you did on this story! I loved hearing these firsthand accounts from our 9th and 10th graders. The questions were great and the video quality was superb. Well done!

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