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Rising Small Business: Jubilee Lettieri

We all see small businesses everywhere we go and it’s important to recognize how much work they put in. People of all ages have a small business and when you support their business it motivates them to keep working on what they are passionate about. 

In order to highlight a successful small business and help promote them in these trying times, I reached out to Jubilee Lettieri and had the opportunity to interview her about her business. Jubilee is an 18 year old who recently graduated from Olive Grove charter school. After graduating high school, Lettieri felt like she needed to find an interest, and she states, “I was talking to my mom about what I wanted to do as a hobby because I was on a road trip and like I didn’t have any hobby and I was like hey let me try nails”.

Jubilee started doing nails at 16 years old and now has been doing them for 2 years. She taught herself by practicing by hand, watching YouTube, Instagram videos, and TikToks. Jubilee started by posting  pictures on Instagram of her practicing nail art,and the products she used, and shortly after started building a clientele. Since the start of her endeavor Jubilee’s family and friends were very supportive, her parents acutely bought her all the materials she needed to start her business.

Jubilee shared that she really likes to do nails that are in trend such as themes like Valentines, Christmas, Halloween etc. She really loves to do marble nails because she can mix different colors. She also loves creating the popular taper square look . On learning new designs she comments that, “If I don’t know how to do a design I will look it up on social media, and learn from there because I’m a visual learner,” 

For Jubilee, managing her own business and her own life has changed a lot for her. Before having her business she didn’t really do much but now that she has her business, she works four days a week, Monday through Thursday. In her free time she focuses on her personal life. 

I was curious to know if COVID affected her business, but she said that only for a couple months because she didn’t know how bad it was at first. Then she started requiring clients to wear masks, and also had a shield for protection. Her biggest challenge was actually committing to the business as she shared that she’s never really stuck to previous interests but didn’t want to quit doing nails because it’s something that she is actually passionate about. Her business changed her life for the better, “I make like three sets a day, and enjoy meeting new people and having conversations with them,” she added.

Jubilee is looking forward to seeing her business grow. She shared that in the future she wants to open a business with someone that really supports her such as her dad. He is always asking her how many nails she does a day, or he is always liking her instagram pictures, and he follows her instagram. He is going to help her open a business in town. Her goal is to have her own salon, work with more people, renting chairs and stations so they could build their clientele. 

[Image Credits: Jubilee Lettieri}


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