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Why you Should Donate Your Hair to Wigs for Kids

If you’re interested in helping people with certain conditions, in need – donating your hair is an altruistic course of action not out of reach for most. Many hair donation programs aid people with conditions such as alopecia, cancer, or other medical conditions. For instance, wigs can help boost confidence, happiness, and create a better sense of self-being.

For those interested in supporting such a cause, the first step to contributing is finding out if you are eligible to donate hair. Every program has its own criteria so it’s important to research which offering is the best for you. Typically hair needs to be unbleached, undamaged, and ideally 10 to 12 inches. Sometimes, dyed or permed hair is usable but can make it harder to match to a perspective donatee.

If you are in a position to donate your hair, the second step is to get it cut. Some salons will cut your hair for free or for a discount if you tell the stylist you’re donating your hair. If you’re cutting it yourself, it’s a good idea to measure the amount you want to cut first and then wrap a hairband around the part you’re cutting. It’s recommended to keep hair separated with hairbands so it doesn’t get tangled. Finally, place it in a plastic bag and then send it to your chosen program. 

There are many benefits to donating in general. Ms. Lindberg–a special-education teacher at Santa Barbara High School–believes that donation in any form is important. She has been teaching at SBHS for four years and has donated her hair three times as it gives her a “good feeling personally,” since she likes knowing that her hair has gone to a good cause. Ms. Lindberg plans on donating again, for the fourth time, this month to the Wigs For Kids program, which she said provides hair more directly to children experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions. 

As a way to inspire others to donate their hair as well, Ms. Lindberg is starting a hair donation challenge. She says, “When you hear the word challenge, it’s like, ‘Oh I want to match that, I want to level up.’-” She explains that “a lot of students want to wait after prom to cut their hair,” and encourages students and teachers to donate their hair whenever they can. If you’re interested in participating in Ms. Lindberg’s hair donation challenge, you can contact her at [email protected], any time before June 1, 2022. Students are encouraged to post their before-after photos on their hair if interested.

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