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Dons Beach Volleyball

The Dons blast into a new season of Boys Beach Volleyball with their first games impending. The boys team has been preparing on the sandy beach courts of East Beach for a while now, and the Dons are eager to get out there and show their skills on the court. The boys are fired up with a lot of hope and energy for this new season. 

With many strong returning players and many promising freshmen, the future for this season of SBHS boys beach volleyball is looking great.  

I interviewed an SBHS junior, Dana Whitney, about his thoughts on the coming season. He says that in order to dominate this season, he’ll need to “stay healthy, put in that work, and stay on that grind.” Dana also commented on how he feels about going into the season opener. 

“I’m not that excited. It’s not the competition we need,” Dana states, “We need top G’s. You wouldn’t go 60 on the freeway in a ferrari.” Dana has a confident outlook on their season.

I also asked Coach Channing Peak about what it’s going to take to face Laguna this Thursday. “We have a strong outlook,” Said Coach Peak, “we’ve seen chemistry with our varsity guys, but we don’t want it to be easy”. Coach Peak also reflects on the team’s strengths and weaknesses. “We are very good at picking up balls, we have a knack for getting the tough ones,” Channing States, “what we lack in size we make up for in heart.” 

The Dons had a clean sweep against Laguna and are looking forward to their tournament against San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande. 

Ford Harman tips the ball over the block of Mason Rice as Mikey Denver Covers.  [Photo Credit: Axell Wilson]

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