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All About Autumn Eats

As the warm summer days fade away, winter’s cold edge comes rushing in. The earth turns, the seasons change, and our taste buds change along with them. Cool summer cravings thaw to accommodate the warm, cozy flavors of Fall. But how will we fulfill this autumnal command? No need to fret, as I am here to tell you all about autumn eats to cure your seasonal cravings.

What’s the first thing you think about when someone says “October”? I bet pumpkins and Halloween come up. Some of the best foods of the fall season are made with pumpkins. Whether it be pumpkin bread, pumpkin donuts, or pumpkin pancakes, fall is filled with pumpkin delights. Garrett Williams, a school student here at SBHS tells us his favorite autumn food. “My favorite autumn food is pumpkin pancakes.” Williams states “They are the best when the pumpkins are most ripe. You can get all the juice out of them then.” Along with pumpkin foods there are also many other treats to enjoy during the season, especially on the night of the 31st!. Garrett Williams also commented on his favorite halloween candy,  “Personally, If I had to choose my favorite one, I would say Reese’s because it has a mix of chocolate and peanut butter. It really makes me feel that it is truly Halloween.” Reese’s is a very popular Halloween candy during this season and is just one of the many candies that people of all ages enjoy on Halloween night.

As soon as Halloween ends November begins which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There are many ways to celebrate and be thankful during this season. Making a great big Thanksgiving feast is one of the most famous ways that allows families to come together and celebrate their thanks. There are many different types of Thanksgiving feasts. “[Axell Wilson] love[s] to make pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving. [His] mom also makes really good shepherd’s pie. [He] also [has] fried turkey.” We also asked Santa Barbara High School student Dana Whitney what his favorite thing about Thanksgiving is. “Can’t go wrong with Grandma’s homemade rolls, bread, bread rolls that is” Dana exclaims “It’s not always about the meal, it’s about who you eat the meal with, it’s all about the family, you know, bread rolls are also really good” Thanksgiving is a great way to end off the fall season of food with a great big feast. 

Pumpkin donut. [Image Credit: Raglan Kear]

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