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November Letter from The Editor: The Season of Stress

As things begin to reach full swing on the SBHS campus for the school year, stress and anxiety run high. Seniors are trying to make deadlines for college applications, quarter grades and final scores start to come out, the last games of fall sports seasons are played and senior athletes are honored on their senior nights. The emotional weight of the year begins to sink in as well. For seniors, it’s the fact that everything seems to be a “last time” or a scary step towards the end of their high school career and into the future. For the rest of the school, it’s the fact that life seems to have been striking with force recently: school, grades, friends. This span of time between now and the end of the year is always overwhelming.

As October, Mental Wellness Awareness Month, comes to a close, we need to recognize that everyone is dealing with these daily stressors and struggles. Respect the fact that you may not know the full story with your friends, teachers, and school administration. Simple acts like giving the janitorial staff a smile and a, “hello”, telling your teacher that you appreciate them or giving your friend a hug, can make all the difference. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know their full story or if they don’t know yours, giving them that feeling of being seen and heard can be the necessary change to someone’s day, and, sometimes, life. Be that reason.

If you feel like you have been experiencing these struggles recently (anxiety, depression, feeling confused or without purpose), and think these feelings are going unseen and unheard, first, know that you are not alone in these feelings. Second, don’t be afraid to reach out to your counselor, teachers, admin, or our Dons’ Mental Wellness Center (see Wellness Center article below for more.) They are always here for you as a resource.

Now, as November, the month of Thanksgiving begins, let’s remember that even though our struggles and stressors can be important, and sometimes pivotal to our lives, we should also remember the importance of the small (and big) blessings we are given every day. An, “I love you” from your mom, a burrito from nutrition at the cafeteria, the nice weather we are having…SB beating San Marcos at the rivalry football game…; try focusing on the things you are grateful for. Although this might not be a solution to your long term stressors, it can certainly help to remind yourself of the things you love and are grateful for.

Count your blessings and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it Santa Barbara High; talk to you in the next edition and happy November!


  • Anya McCue

    Anya McCue is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and editor in chief of The Forge. She hopes to bring the SBHS community closer together through the publication of spotlights on student and Santa Barbara life. In addition to writing for the Forge, Anya is involved in ASB Leadership and dances with her ballet studio. She also loves playing guitar and being with her friends and family.

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