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My First Day at Santa Barbara High School

My first day.  My first day in a new country and my first day as a freshman in a new school.  New faces, new personalities, new paths, new structures, new neighborhoods. I see it all and it looks so different from where I came from.  I came from Toronto, Ontario all the way to Santa Barbara, California.  Everything here is different, the way we speak, school schedules, the time zones, the food and much more.  My first time walking into SBHS I noticed that it was much larger than my school I attended back home.  Shortly, I got a tour from a student.  She was willing to provide me with a tour around the school to make my experience here at SBHS easier and less overwhelming.  As she walked me to my first period classroom which was French, I was shocked at how much I had to walk just to get to my first class of the day.  Once we finished the tour around the whole school, we did a wrap around just to make sure I had the whole school map memorized in my head so I can get around all by myself.  After she finished showing me around the school twice, we both separated and headed our own ways to our classes.  The first teacher I had ever met here was a substitute for the day.  He was very calm and funny and I’d say that my first class was going very well.  I also had a student talk to me about the classroom policies which I found very helpful.  I was provided with an iPad to work on my assignments.  I found using an iPad to complete all my homework and assignments a bit weird and strange because I was used to using my phone.  As the day went by I found out more information and facts about SB high and I was quite happy to be here.  When lunch came by I made my way to the cafeteria and I found out that the food was free which I found interesting because at my old school I always had to pay for school lunch.  My third period was very fun.  I had journalism.  Everyone in the class seemed very engaging and talkative.  My last period was English.  We read a book and spoke about our opinions about it which was really fun.  Most students in that class were very loud, talkative and funny.  Finally, I got to go home and go to sleep just like I’d been waiting for.  Moving forward, I’d like to become more comfortable with the teachers and the rest of the SBHS community. I’d say my first day at SBHS was definitely an experience I will never forget.

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