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powder puff game 2023

On Wednesday, May 24, the girls of SBHS suited up to play flag football in the annual Powder Puff game. The games have been promoted around campus for months, open to all SBHS girls who wanted to join. Because of all the buzz surrounding the games, there were a lot of girls interested in playing, resulting in teams much bigger than in years past. The three teams were divided by grade level, with freshman and sophomores being combined to compete against the juniors and seniors. Each team was coached by football players from the boys team in their grade.

The class of 2023 came prepared as many of the girls on the team participated as juniors in the Powder Puff game last year. One of the veteran players, senior Miranda Fuentes was excited to play again this year after the team’s previous defeat. “I go to most of the football games to support my family, so I was excited to be on the field this time,” she said. 

The girls, wearing eye black and jerseys, got ready to play the first game of the day on May 24th. The Seniors vs. Frosh game resulted in a win for the seniors and the Juniors vs. Frosh game ended in the junior’s favor. The teams were matched on the field seven against seven, and the girls used only 50 yards of the field. While Powder Puff looked a bit different then the games during boys football season, it was still incredibly entertaining and competitive.

The big game, Seniors vs. Juniors, was the last game. Family and friends filled the stands on game day to support the players and coaches, cheering loudly for the different teams. 

The results were a major upset for the seniors as the juniors beat the seniors 51-27. One coach, junior Jacobo Nevarez, said, “The players were really strong in practice, so we were expecting to take the win.”

The teams had been preparing for the three weeks leading up to game day, practicing and learning all of the fundamentals of the sport as well as different plays and positions during the past few weeks.

Many of the team members play other sports for SBHS, like junior Daylon Donati who plays for both varsity softball and varsity girls basketball. She said, “A lot of the girls on the team played sports like soccer and basketball so we used those skills to our advantage.” 

Exciting news for people who enjoyed playing, there will be girls flag football as a CIF sport next year. They had an informational meeting on Thursday, June 1st, but if you are interested in playing next fall, you can also email the head coach Gabe Renteria at [email protected] with any questions.


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