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Most Likely To

I surveyed some students in an online poll, and asked them who they thought were most likely to ____. Similar to the yearbook superlatives, these questions were narrowed down to the beginning of the school year. Dissimilarly, the nominees were not limited to seniors, but open to everyone. Although the yearbook has many categories, it doesn’t cover everything which inspired the categories I chose around the theme of the beginning of the school year. Below are the results gathered from the survey. 

Most likely to graduate early and be famous: 

London Moro  “Don’t wait for opportunities, create them” 

Image Credit: London Moro

Cati Lopez “I was born to be a star”

Image Credit: Cati Lopez

Most likely to still trick or treat on Ghost Village Road:

Tessa DeAlbergaria- “I’ll stop trick or treating when SM beats SB at football”

Image Credit: Emmy Werner

Most likely to go to Harvard:

Oscar Seltzer

Image Credit: Lily Young

Most likely to have the best Halloween costume

Jack Goligoski 

Image Credit: Jack Goligoski

Most likely to skip school because the UV index is high: 

Helen Twining- “guilty”

Image Credit: Lily Young


  • Lily Young

    Lily Young is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and is a new member of The Forge this year as well as a member of the varsity girl's golf team. She is passionate about her school as well as reporting on her community.

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