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New Forge Staff

The Forge is an inclusive community that welcomes new members every year, and new writers this year include Penelope Mckean, Ember Reiter, Lily Young, and Savannah Delesalle.  They are all students here at Santa Barbara High School and look forward to expanding their knowledge of journalism. 

Penelope Mckean is a senior at Santa Barbara High School, she is a member of the Varsity Girls Golf team and an intern at an architecture firm.  While interviewing Penelope, she expressed her excitement for joining The Forge. She looks forward to expanding her passion for reading and writing and is covering arts and entertainment. Penelope is currently talking to the Santa Barbara High School Theater Director to get an inside scoop on the fall play. “I want to be the voice of this school.” Penelope wants to immerse herself in the school’s community and be able to inform people on all the important things that happen at our school. She is willing to bring new ideas to the table and wants to learn all she can from prior Forge members. 

Ember Reiter is a sophomore here at Santa Barbara High School.  In her free time, she partakes in dance, reading, and traveling. While asking Ember what drew her to The Forge, she explained that she was previously part of the club and wanted to grow her knowledge of journalism. She expressed her personal growth with writing and interviewing since last year, but wants to continue to flourish. She has always been a sports fan, especially football and hopes to cover Santa Barbara High School sports games. “I’m looking forward to spreading awareness on what’s going on around school, and to getting more involved in the community.” All of the new Forge staff members are excited to be a part of a community larger than themselves. The Forge has been around for over 100 years and the new staff are honored to be the voice of Santa Barbara High School. 

The new forge staff [Image Credit: Camille Pomerantz]


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    Savannah Delesalle is a senior at Santa Barbara High school and this is her first year working as a member of the Forge. She has been a part of the girls varsity golf team since freshman year and co-founded a club, the elephant project. She enjoys getting involved in the community through volunteering and works as a marketing intern at a local non profit.

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