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Varsity Girls Golf

Ava Karman and Jasmine Zukor are the team captains of the 2023 SBHS Girls Golf team.  Zukor and Karman acknowledge that there are challenges this season, such as competing against rival team, San Marcos, but they continue to have faith in the team and believe the girls can prevail and compete in CIF this year.  

Jasmine Zukor has played golf for over eight years and began her career with Rus Morrison at Santa Barbara Golf Club. She has been a part of the high school golf team for four years. While asking her what her predictions are for the season, she explained that she was nervous at first because all four of our best players graduated last year. Although Jasmine had doubts, the team excelled and is undefeated, 5-0. She has nothing but positive things to say about her fellow teammates. Jasmine was most passionate while explaining her team’s bond. She said that no matter how anyone played, the girls always remained supportive. She says, “this is much more than a golf team, I’m excited to spend my last year playing for the high school surrounded by all my friends.” She believes the team is going to have a successful season but she is nervous to play San Marcos and Dos Pueblos, given Santa Barbara High has never beat them in girls golf. 

Ava Karman is a junior at Santa Barbara High School. Her golf skills show that she has what it takes to be a team captain. Karman has been the team medalist in almost every match, with a lowest score of 42. “We have a great season ahead of us, we’re undefeated and going to keep that streak up.”  Karman enjoys every moment on the course with this group of girls. Some of her many highlights from this season so far are the van rides home after winning a match. The amazing coach, Coach Throop, keeps everyone excited to play and there never is a dull moment. The team is stronger than ever, and she can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds for the Dons.

It’s evident being a part of the girls golf team is a rewarding experience. All the girls put their best foot forward and put maximum effort into every match they play. There is an undeniable bond between all the players and there is no doubt that varsity girls golf is going to have a successful season.   

[Image Credit:] Varsity Captain Jasmine Zukor



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    Savannah Delesalle is a senior at Santa Barbara High school and this is her first year working as a member of the Forge. She has been a part of the girls varsity golf team since freshman year and co-founded a club, the elephant project. She enjoys getting involved in the community through volunteering and works as a marketing intern at a local non profit.

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