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Forge Staff Part 2

The Forge at Santa Barbara High School welcomes new members this school year. Penelope Mckean (senior), Ember Reiter (sophomore) , Lily Young (senior), and Savannah Delesalle (senior). All of these girls are looking forward to reporting on The Forge. Savannah “Savvy” Delesalle has joined The Forge team as a senior. She wants to pursue a career in news broadcasting, and thought that Journalism would help her acquire useful skills for her future. Savvy felt taking the class would give her some experience. She looks forward to writing about topics that are crucial to the community and need to be addressed, in hopes of demonstrating her broadcasting skills. She aims to improve her writing, photography, and interviewing skills during this semester to better understand the behind the scenes of journalism. Savvy is also a member of the girls golf team since freshman year, she has volunteered with a non profit organization on the side, and directly assisted the marketing team, giving her an expansive list of interests. Savvy would be ecstatic for the opportunity to write about her teammates, and loves to engage with her community.
Similarly, Lily Young is also on the girl’s golf team and has been since sophomore year. Journalism is an interest for her as she has always enjoyed writing and furthering her skills in subjects she isn’t very familiar with. Her hobbies include volunteering at Cottage Hospital and interning at her local dermatologist’s office. Lily enjoys writing about current events going on around the school such as dances and senior activities. She aims to further her interviewing skills as well and learn more about the peers in her community. Lily is excited to expand her horizons through The Forge and will continue to practice the skills she learns into her future, in college, and during her career. 

Image Credit: Camille Pomerantz

Lily Young (left), Savannah Delesalle (right)


  • Lily Young

    Lily Young is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and is a new member of The Forge this year as well as a member of the varsity girl's golf team. She is passionate about her school as well as reporting on her community.

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