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Mixed Reviews on Sunset Boulevard…

The 2023 homecoming theme has been announced by ASB and it is… Sunset Boulevard. Some students do not like this year’s theme compared to the past, citing the fact that it’s based on a sunset color scheme, rather than what the theme actually represents. One example is the inspiration pictures posted on Instagram for the theme, which included the Hollywood walk of fame, which is not located on Sunset Boulevard. Due to receiving mixed messages, many people are confused as to what the theme really is. Nadia Listenbee, a SBHS student who actually lives on Sunset Boulevard with her mom, states, “How it is being represented is not accurate,” and suggested, “If a boulevard was going to be used it should’ve been Hollywood Boulevard.” Nadia added how in Los Angeles, the Sunset Strip represents gay pride and LGBTQ culture, but is also subjected to homelessness and a large number of bars. 

Last school year, ASB had a student poll for which homecoming theme we thought was best, but students did not have that option this school year. This is especially frustrating since not everyone likes the theme Sunset Boulevard. I interviewed two people in ASB, one who is an executor and said, “I was surprised that the theme 007 didn’t win.”  Numerous students thought that the James Bond “007” idea would’ve been a cool theme. The ASB executor also said, “I am mad about it [the theme] because how are we supposed to decorate a Sunset Boulevard venue?” The other ASB member interviewed is a commissioner and didn’t know what Sunset Boulevard was, believing that the theme for homecoming was strictly “sunset.” They also voiced, “I think it was more based on ASB and we definitely should’ve asked how students felt towards the theme.”

While interviewing students around campus, many said that Sunset Boulevard is not a good theme and voiced their own opinions on what it should be. Senior Jordan Mitchum said, “It doesn’t cater towards all groups of people, especially towards men,” he added, “trying to match an outfit with any of the colors wouldn’t work well,” which the people around him agreed with. Just like the ASB commissioner, Junior Desire Cervantez said, “I actually don’t even know what it is,” in response to the theme. Another student voiced their opinion on how the theme is cool, but it isn’t necessarily a good homecoming theme. Several seniors felt that ASB should’ve done the poll to get student feedback and felt that it was yet another year that their preferences were left out. If ASB wanted people to dress to the theme, providing a student poll would have been a better way to ensure that. 

[Image Credit: Viviana Ruiz]

Students are hopeful that in the future, ASB will ask for student ideas to find a like able homecoming theme. Although there are some who do like the idea of Sunset Boulevard, as it is my senior year I would have hoped for a theme not so confusing. In the past ASB has put on great dances and students are ready to see what Sunset Boulevard brings to the table. 


  • Viviana Ruiz

    Viviana Ruiz is a junior who is from Santa Barbara. She likes to write in the forge because she is able to write what she is interested in.

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