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Dracula Review

This fall, the Santa Barbara High School theater put on a very entertaining production of Dracula adapted by Eric Lehman. This show was directed by Gioia Marchese and Kyra Lehman. The cast of Dracula brought an amazing sense of thrill and personality to the show.

The show began with a very enticing opening dance and song which quickly captivated the audience. As all of the cast stepped out, I couldn’t help but notice their beautifully constructed costumes which were designed by Junno Harrah. Not only was this production extremely thrilling, but it was also full of tasteful comedy. Multiple times throughout the entire play, the theater was filled with laughter.

The performance from the cast was very well done. With Juan Pablo Ramirez as the main role of Dracula, and Marly Bernsen as the protagonist, Mina, they were able to bring a beautiful sense of romance to the role as well as a compelling feeling of excitement that left the audience on the edge of their seats. Kamile Zaunius, as Lucy Van Helsing, was nothing short of hilarious. The audience bursted out in laughter almost every time she came on stage. She brought so much personality and joy to the role and her character was without a doubt one that many were drawn to. David Vincent BenaVidez as John Harker, also brought the audience many laughs. Not only did he bring the comedic aspect to his character, but he also brought sophistication to the role. By the end of the show, I was extremely impressed with the powerful performance that the cast and crew put on. As audience members drifted into conversation, filing out of the theater after the performance had ended, I heard nothing but praise for the show. Overall, the performance was one I’d definitely want to see again. It was entertaining, chilling, funny, and exciting. Dracula was, in my opinion, a very well casted show that a variety of theater-goers could enjoy.

[Image Credit: Nadia Listenbee]


  • Nadia Listenbee

    Nadia Listenbee is a junior at Santa Barbara High School and this is her first year as a member of The Forge. She joined the forge because she loves fashion and music and sharing her writing with the school.

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