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Pressures Of College Applications

As college application deadlines are coming up, seniors at Santa Barbara High School are dealing with increased pressure, as work loads become more difficult to manage. Seniors may experience stress due to various factors, such as the pressure to meet academic requirements, overwhelming workloads, and the fear of rejection. 

I got the inside scoop from Santa Barbara High School students and heard first-hand about the pressures of managing school and college applications. Jasmine Zukor is a senior at Santa Barbara High School. She is a member of the varsity girls golf team as well as VADA, and plans on attending a four year university after high school. She is passionate about graphic design and is involved in several clubs here on campus. “When I focus on my school work, I get behind in my college applications, but when I focus on college applications I get behind in school.” The difficulty lies in finding an effective way to manage both college applications and school without sacrificing the quality of either. Jasmine explains how time management is crucial. Creating a schedule, setting priorities, and breaking tasks into manageable chunks can help stay organized and on top of things. Jasmine talked about how she found an effective balance between completing her school work as well as her applications. She was able to efficiently devote time to each and create a schedule that worked for her. Jasmine is looking forward to her future and believes everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to. She wants to continue her art career at her dream school, University of San Diego, and major in graphic design. 

Another student, Dilyn Cline, is a senior at Santa Barbara High School who is a part of the varsity tennis team as well as co-founder of the sun project club. She expressed how teachers

should be more lenient to seniors during the fall semester. If students express they are struggling, teachers should be open to extending deadlines and provide a safe and flexible environment for overwhelmed seniors. She advised other seniors to reach out to counselors for guidance on the process of navigating common apps. Dilyn also suggested getting advice from English teachers to help write and edit supplement essays.  She received a tremendous amount of help from teachers and this gave her the assistance she needed to feel confident about the application process. Dilyns explained the nerves she felt about getting admitted into school. The competitiveness of admissions is at an all time high and the standards students have to meet in order to get into university is overwhelming.  When asking Dilyn what advice she can give to students filling out applications she said, “ Make sure you are authentically yourself. Talk about your personal interests and passions, that’s what makes you stand out from everyone else.”   

The high stress levels caused by college applications can have negative effects on seniors’ overall well-being, it can lead to sleep deprivation, anxiety, and a decline in mental health. It’s important for students to prioritize self care during this time such as engaging in activities that help reduce stress and seeking support from friends and family. It’s important to seek support and guidance if needed to reach out to teachers, counselors, and mentors who can provide assistance throughout the process. 


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    Savannah Delesalle is a senior at Santa Barbara High school and this is her first year working as a member of the Forge. She has been a part of the girls varsity golf team since freshman year and co-founded a club, the elephant project. She enjoys getting involved in the community through volunteering and works as a marketing intern at a local non profit.

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