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Upcoming Band Events

The SBHS Marching Dons have constantly proved to be an important staple in high school culture. With their coordinated music and choregraphies, their extravagant uniforms, and their booming instruments, our band team strives for perfection for each show. The band team, the Marching Dons, will soon get their hands busy with the upcoming autumn festivities. In this month especially, there are many things planned for our Marching Dons. Thanks to the band director, Tyler Ravelli, we know what to look forward to this November. In the very first week, the Marching Dons make their appearance for Día De Muertos. You might have noticed them performing in the quad. A few of the songs they performed were “El Niño Perdido” by Banda El Recodo, “Nunca Es Suficiente” by Los Ángeles Azules, and “Lowrider” by the band War. All classics in the Hispanic community, the marching Don’s dedication to show respect for culture is admirable.

Ravelli states that in the fall, the Marching Dons have their tournament to focus on. They had their second band competition on November 4. He announced that in the Oxnard Field Tournament on November 9, the Marching Dons placed third in the 1A division. “I’m very pleased with us,” Ravelli comments. Later in the month, there will be an all-bands district wide event that SBHS will be hosting here on campus. “It brings together all of the high schools to perform their marching band shows. Hopefully some of the Junior Highs, too, would be the ideal situation,” says Ravelli. He briefly explained what else the band will have planned for the rest of the year. In the winter, there will be a winter drumline, a concert band in the spring, and after that is beginning jazz and advanced jazz. Many things to look forward to!

 When asked about what type of skills one can learn from joining band, senior bass drum player Francisco Lopez, said that he learned how to build connections and understand musical notation. Ravelli said something similar, along the lines of learning how to analyze and focus; how to be a better learner overall. Of course, learning musical skills is the main idea. Without such skill, there’d be no marching band to perform such euphonious melodies. “How to play an instrument, how to play beautiful sounds on said instrument, ” as stated by the band director. 


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