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OG Fortnite is Back

The gaming world was taken by storm when Epic Games, the developer of the popular game called Fortnite, made the announcement that they would revert the worldwide-known game back to its first chapter, including seasons five through 10 from chapter one. This would include all original weapons, the original map, and many more nostalgic memories from this chapter.

I had the opportunity to interview two individuals who consider Fortnite one of their favorite childhood games. Jack Holdren and Andre Battle had a lot to say about the old Fortnite coming back. Andre Battle, an OG Fortnite enthusiast, says “To me, Fortnite is my favorite way to de-stress and keep my mind busy at the same time. [College] is often a lot and stressful and Fortnite is a way for my tired brain to relax and give me a moment where I don’t have to stress about food, money, school, or work.” Battle has been playing since the game first came out. A primarily duo player, playing with his girlfriend, he claims, “It may just be because of the nostalgia, but I like the simplicity of the earlier seasons.” Holdren has a different perspective on the game. “I’ve met many of my friends playing Fortnite and still talk to a lot of those guys,” he says. “Fortnite has led me to be a more competitive person and to see life in a different way.” Holdren is self-dependent, so he is primarily a solo player. “The OG seasons were the most fun because you could just play the game…nowadays the game is just different.”

In 2017-2018, Fortnite was a game that kids could play with their friends for hours upon hours. It is special to children all over the world because it holds many memories from a fun time in their life. As a person who used to play Fortnite when it first came out, I am very excited that Epic Games is reverting the game back to its first chapter so we can hopefully relive some of these happy moments of our lives.

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  • Carter Battle

    Carter Battle is a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, and he is a writer for The Forge newspaper. He is on the varsity basketball team and the track team as well. He wants to spread positivity and knowledge through his thoughts and writing. He also enjoys spending time with his family, and going on fun adventures with his friends.

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