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Back to the 80s! Alumni Spotlight: Tim Triguiero 

Tim Triguiero is a former professional tennis player who grew up in Santa Barbara and attended SBHS in the 1980s. Triguiero was regarded as a respected athlete and a fearless competitor, teaching tennis and coaching for over 25 years. In 1985, he led the Dons towards the CIF title team championship, ranking #1. It was their fourth title since 1942. He was the season’s star that same year, where he won all four of the tennis sets in the finals at Knollwood, leading them to victory. His father Jack Triguiero, who coached the SBHS tennis team for 22 years back then, stated in a 1985 Forge article that 1985 has been the most outstanding year in terms of having a strong headset team. He gave credit to the players who have been there all four years, including his son, Tim. His behavior on court carried an air of confidence, one that got him far into his tennis career. Even then when his attitude could get mistaken for cockiness, Tim had humility and respect for other players on the opposing side. One would describe him to be prospering as his self-esteem was at an all time high. 

In his last weeks as a senior, he prepared to leave for Europe to compete in the junior bracket of the French Open and Wimbledon. He has represented the United States and SBHS in the following tournaments, winning the World Junior 18s Champion Title. Being nationally ranked as one of the best tennis players at 18, it was no surprise when he was awarded a scholarship to UCLA. Trigueiro, as a number one rated US college recruit, helped lead the UCLA Bruins to an NCAA Division 1 final berth. He carried on his tennis career as a professional on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) world tour. Triguiero traveled to over 20 countries and competed at the United States Open and the Wimbledon Championships. Since then he has been recognized for his outstanding performance and achievements in tennis. This was shown by his being inducted into the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame in 2019 and being in the 100 Sports Figures of the Last Century, an honorary list. Following Triguiero’s trek to success is inspiring to many athletes in a similar position, showing that one can persevere past a high school dream. 


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