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Heap of the Week

“Heap of the Week” was a segment from The Forge’s past– especially popular during the time between 1981 and the early 1990s– that featured “autos” along with their stories. Now we are continuing “Heap of the week” with junior Cole Bucher’s 2011 Crown Victoria. Cole got his car three months ago, by looking “on Facebook, and [I] found the car being sold in the Los Angeles market place area, but the owner originally got it from a police auction.”

Since it is a retired cop car, there are a few things that are left in the car. “One specific thing is the big bright lights on the outside and you can aim the light.” 

Also another unique quirk about the car is that “the back doors can’t open from the inside, so when they put criminals in the back [when the car was used by police] they couldn’t escape, so you have to open the door from outside.” Cole believes the reason for the car no longer being in use is because “They might have invented new cars or new models for speed and safety, but I don’t know the exact reasons.”  Being that his car is an old cop car, Cole has gotten out of a few parking tickets so far. He also admits “I’ve ‘pulled over’ some friends, but I’d never do it to someone I didn’t know.” Cole would consider painting the car a different color and painting the roof to cover patches. He has already had to paint over and patch some holes in the front of the car. He said, “I wouldn’t change too much about the car, like the police letters on the back of the car I’d like to keep. That concludes this “Heap of the Week”. Look out for next edition’s Heap of the Week!

Bucher Standing Next to his 2011 Crown Victoria. [Image credit Mary Moses]


  • Ramsey Royan

    Ramsey is a sophomore at SBHS writing for The Forge for a second year. He likes to write about sports that happen at school. He plays for the SBHS soccer team and enjoys skateboarding on weekends.

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