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New Forge Staff!

As the second semester begins, three new staff writers will be joining the ranks of The Forge. Piper Morgan, Yharai Casas Mejia, and Caroline Rogers are all students here at Santa Barbara High who are excited for the opportunity to write for the voice of SBHS. “I decided to join The Forge because I heard about it through my cousin Kelly, [The Forge’s Co-Editor-in-Chief]” explained senior Piper Morgan. “She would talk about it all the time and it always seemed like so much fun, and I think that getting to cover things about our school is super interesting,” Morgan remarked. Previously a member of The Forge club, Morgan was already familiar with the paper, making her transition to full-time staff writer seamless. 

On the other hand, the decision to join The Forge was more spontaneous for some, as senior Yharai Casas Mejia said, “I joined because I don’t have many classes that I need to take, all my requirements are done and I saw this class and thought it would be a fun one.” As a member of the MAD Academy, Casas Mejia is enjoying a rare open space in her schedule. Whatever their experience levels are with the paper, one thing the new Forgers have in common is their passion for writing. As student Caroline Rogers said, “I decided to join The Forge because I love writing and wanted to work on those skills while learning more about the school.”

A junior this year, Rogers is a member of the SBHS varsity tennis team and volunteers at Storyteller Children’s Center in her free time. A fellow athlete, Casas Mejia played for SBHS girls water polo for the past three years in addition to being a member of the swim team. “Outside of school I usually work, but I’m currently unemployed so I’m just hanging out with friends right now,” Casas Mejia explained.“I like thrifting, hiking and anything that has to do with the beach.” She said when asked about her other hobbies. Morgan agreed saying, “I like hiking, going to the beach and just being in nature.” As a former club volleyball and tennis player, Morgan is quite familiar with the great outdoors. With their diverse group of interests, The Forge is excited to see what these new voices bring to the paper. If you have any interest in becoming a Forger, please inquire about Ms. Cloutiers Journalism 101 class or consider joining The Forge club.

Left to right: Yharai Casas Mejas, Piper Morgan, and Caroline Rogers. [Image Credit Ember Reiter] 


  • Ember Reiter

    Ember Reiter is a sophomore at Santa Barbara High where she is a member of The MAD Academy. This is her first year writing for The Forge and she hopes to continue with the paper throughout high school. Outside of school she enjoys dancing at Santa Barbara Festival Ballet, where she has been training since she was three years old. She is also a big sports fan, especially football, Go Pack Go!

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