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Top Tips for Senioritis

Near the end of senior year, school can begin to feel pointless (more so than usual). You’ve completed all the graduation requirements, you’re not in challenging classes, and now you’re just waiting for the end of the year, living bell to bell. Why wouldn’t you slack off a little bit? You need to keep your attendance up, of course! You need to finish the year with a bang, not a fizzle. That’s why I (somebody who is definitely not a chronically absent student) have assembled these top tips to avoid senioritis.

Tip Number One:

Make sure to get enough sleep every night. Six hours or less is the right amount. The human brain works best when it is completely exhausted. In this state, the brain will go into a “panic” mode, producing endorphins that will allow you to study and function at a much higher level. If you ever feel like calling it an early night and breaking this cycle, try drinking multiple cups of coffee.

Tip Number Two:

Be prepared for your day. If you’ve properly followed Tip Number One, you should be waking up at around 8:25 a.m. on the average school day. Despite the fact that your first class will start in the next few minutes, take your time waking up every day. You need to be ready to sit and stare at the classroom’s clock for the next seven hours.

Tip Number Three:

Get proper nutrition. On your way to school, make a habit to stop at a coffee shop and pick up some pastries or sweets. You should also buy more coffee to help with Tip Number One. If you’re correctly practicing these tips, you should be on time to reach your first period class roughly an hour behind schedule.

Tip Number Four:

Pay attention in class. When you arrive at your first period just as the second period bell rings, take out your phone and pay attention to all of the things happening online. You can find out everything you missed in the four hours you were asleep. This tip is one of the most essential in this guide, it’s gotten me through even the most complex of lectures.

Tip Number Five:

Don’t leave any of your classes early. Instead, don’t show up at all. After your second period, the day is halfway done. Go home, you’ve earned this break after working through the past three years of high school. It was hard enough working through the day! Lastly, remember: have fun, and never go to bed until after 12:00 a.m.

As excellent as these tips obviously are, I know some people can’t trust a single source. Because of this, I have gathered together an assortment of real reactions to these top tips.

“I had senioritis on the first day of school!” says M.T.

“Tip number five works really well,” says C.W.

“You should really stop using these tips,” says M.W.

“The ‘don’t show up at all’ one was my favorite part,” says A.R.

Hopefully, these quotes reaffirm your belief in the completely accurate and irrefutable top tips contained in this article. What are you waiting for? Become a better student by practicing these tips today!

No sleep yet… [Image Credit Cole Weaver]


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