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Athlete of the Month: Raglan Kear

After accepting a scholarship to UCSB and taking his team to victory in Channel League last year, Athlete of the Month, Raglan Kear has cemented his legacy as a star player on Santa Barbara High’s boys volleyball team. 

Starting in elementary school, Kear fell in love with volleyball after playing on an indoor team at age 11. His uncle and older brother both played the sport, which encouraged him to continue with it into jr high and high school. He also pulls inspiration from his favorite player, Earvin N’Gapeth, a member of The French national volleyball team. 

“He’s just a really smart volleyball player, which I strive to do in my games as well.”

He has high ambitions for the season, hoping to win league again, and do well in the Tournament of Champions. With victories against San Marcos and Dos Pueblos already under their belt, it has shaped up to be a very formidable season for the team. 

Kear has also been given a hefty scholarship to UCSB to play volleyball, earned with his impressive list of victories in both club and on his team. Although he’s been verbally committed for almost a year, he is unwavering in his decision.

“I honestly have no doubts, I’m really happy with my choice.” 

He’s excited not only for the fresh start that college offers him as a volleyball player, but Raglan also wants to join the jazz band at UCSB and possibly major in film. Although he wants to continue to play volleyball professionally in europe, he toys with the idea of working in the film industry.

To unwind outside of his sport, Kear plays the tenor saxophone, and enjoys watching movies and spending time with his siblings. Raglan also shared that he has difficulty still finding fun in volleyball while having to take it professionally.  

“As soon as college came into the equation, it became hard to find fun in it. Nerves are still a factor before every game but I’m working on enjoying it again. But being outside with my little brother, peppering without a net, reminds me that i love the game and I don’t need to be that stressed out about it.”

The community on his team is a big part of Kear’s unmatched achievements on and off the court. A sense of brotherhood on the team is strong, always doing their best to support each other and challenge each other to play better during each practice. Passion for volleyball is a uniting characteristic that helps the entire team strive for the best each time they play.

Although this year has held many memories and achievements for Kear, he highlights Santa Barbara’s triumph again San Marcos. Although last year SB defeated SM in five games, this year they got them in four. This success is not only representative of their skill level, but a marker of their team’s constant improvement. 

“They came in kinda cocky, and we asserted our dominance.”

Raglan has warranted the title of Athlete of the Month, not only through his lengthy record of wins but because of his refreshing sportsmanship and unrivaled prowess on the court.

[Raglan Kear on the Court Image Courtesy of Miranda Jue]


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