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SBUSD Board Meeting 4/22/24, Proposed Position Cuts

On April 22, 2024, the Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD) school board convened to discuss changes to personnel and programs within the district pending the approval of the budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Following the session’s closed door meeting, a forum was held where representatives from the community could voice their concerns regarding the proposed budget cuts. With the approval date for the SBUSD budget looming closer, many parents, students, and members of the Santa Barbara Teachers’ Association (SBTA) pleaded with the board against the proposed cuts.

SBUSD has proposed a 25% personnel reduction in the Education Technology Services (ETS) department, including the Director of ETS, Rob Cooper. Many ETS personnel spoke during public comment, highlighting how the already overburdened department would struggle following the cuts. Each ETS member currently supports 1800 students, 1300 over the recommended guideline of 500. One speaker stressed the necessity of “a strong ETS department to navigate the ever-changing world of educational technology.”

In a decision that has sparked concern and debate among students and faculty, SBUSD has also presented the possible elimination of choir, band, and stage craft at the junior high level. The proposal comes as a result of budgetary constraints and financial pressures. Countless community members and even junior high students showed up to implore the board to reconsider the great loss that cutting these programs would ensure. “It’s time to stop focusing on problems and start focusing on solutions,” summed up one teacher from Santa Barbara Junior High. 

As conflicts between SBUSD and SBTA continue, teachers have expressed their growing fatigue at their failure to come to a satisfactory agreement with SBUSD. One teacher said, “You can tell the energy is lower. We’re all just really exhausted.”

Teacher holding handmade sign  [Image Credit Avalon McElroy]


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