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Prom Blossoms into Magical Garden Gala

Santa Barbara High School’s 2024 Prom was held at The Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort on Saturday, May 18. Prom started as students began showing up in their beautiful dresses and cool suits to match the “Garden Gala” theme. They walked up on top of the Hilton where they gazed upon a stunning view of the ocean and the setting sun. Then students made their way down to the dance floor where there were drinks, food, photo booths, and– most importantly– music to dance the night away.

The nominees for prom royalty were Chloe Adams, Emerson Werner, Enzo Peluffo, Persephone Gallegos, Vivian Caesar, Mia Kirsch Martinez, Andreas Dybdahl, London Moro, Jordan Tuckman, and Viktor Morais. Before Prom started, all ten prom court nominees talked about what their thoughts were about prom and being on the court. Vivian Caesar started by saying, “I was very surprised when I heard I was nominated for prom court…The Hilton will be such a beautiful and great location and a lot of fun!” What Vivian is excited about regarding prom is, “the actual dance, because they put a lot of work into decorating and planning and I look forward to a last fun celebration with my class.” 

Emerson Werner would like to hear “house music,” at prom and she was, “excited that it’s our last dance and that it’s gonna be a nice dance.” 

Viktor Morais explained, “I am excited to be with my friends and going to prom with my girlfriend,” Viktor also said, “I do like that prom is next to the beach.” 

One song Jordan Tuckman would like to hear is “Carnival x Fein (the remix).” Jordan was dressed according to the theme wearing a suit with a green tie. What he is excited about is “To be there with all my boys and have a good time.” Chloe Adams attended prom with “[her] amazing, beautiful, fantastic girlfriend, Mia Farrar… I’m very excited to dance the night away.”

Persephone Gallegos wore an “All-sequined dress. It’s champagne colored, and I think it goes with the theme,” she says, “I think it is going to be a really pretty venue and everyone is going to dress in pretty spring colors.” Something Persephone is excited about for prom is “Hanging out with all of my friends, and dancing with them.” 

Andreas Dybdahl was “excited about prom, and having a fun time with my friends. After Prom I think there’s an after party at a beach house that I’ll be going to with my friends.” 

Mia Kirsch Martinez feels the prom theme is “Very much my aesthetic. I do love the ‘Garden Gala’ theme and it’s unique, unlike starry nights and usual themes, also you can dress to a garden gala better.” 

Mia did not expect to be nominated as she said, “My whole friend group put each other’s names as a joke, but me and two other friends got nominated which was surprising as it was a silly joke.” Something Mia is excited about for prom is, “Mostly just to be dancing with all my friends, and having one final bang with my friends, and getting dressed up with all my girlfriends which is super exciting.” 

Music London Morro would like to hear is some “80s classics and sing along to songs where people have feelings in their heart and can dance to.” Something London looked forward to is “I am really excited to dress really fancy and see everyone else dress really fancy, and have a good time with my peers. I’m excited that we are all gonna be together.” 

Enzo Peluffo did not expect to be on prom court as he explained, “I put my name in as a joke for voting, and I voted for myself as many times as I could and I guess other people voted for me too, so it was a nice surprise to be up there.” Some music Enzo would like to listen to is “Diverse music, all early 2000s music, pop music, rap, country, rock, so just a little of everything. Also maybe have some more international music. I know it’d be weird for a school dance but I’m sure we can work it out.”

The 2024 Prom royalty was London Morro and Chloe Adams. With prom officially done and the school year almost over, seniors must get ready for another big day: the graduation of the class of 2024. 


  • Ramsey Royan

    Ramsey is a sophomore at SBHS writing for The Forge for a second year. He likes to write about sports that happen at school. He plays for the SBHS soccer team and enjoys skateboarding on weekends.

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