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The Curtains Close as the Year Ends

With graduation on the horizon indicating the end of the 2023-2024 school year, The Forge’s final edition of the year is focused on highlighting different groups on campus and the seniors within those groups. Seniors who throughout their time at Santa Barbara High School have helped these groups bring life to Santa Barbara High School. These groups in turn have allowed seniors as well as other students to find community as they connect among peers with like minded interests. Out of those groups it is important to highlight the presence of theatre at Santa Barbara High School predominantly run by the students as well as Gioia Marchese. The presence of theatre at Santa Barbara High School is felt through a play that is showcased in the fall, a musical showcased in the spring, and a student run performance showcased in the spring as well. These showcases not only bring the community of Santa Barbara High School together, but these showcases also bring the community of Santa Barbara to our school. Showcases highlight the creativity and talent of those on the stage, as well as those working behind the scenes with stage craft. 

When talking to seniors who have been dedicated to theater throughout their four years at Santa Barbara High School they all express their love for the group. Isabella Fabio stated, “I love the community in the theatre. Everyone is so accepting and loving, and it’s like a second family to me.” Fabio also expresses her love for the different aspects of theatre stating, “I love being onstage, I love singing, I love being the center of attention, but I also love being part of something that’s bigger than myself.” Fabio also includes that her favorite showcase she has been a part of is Santa Barbara High School’s theatre department’s student-directed musical, “Ride the Cyclone.” 

In another interview with Malia Hubbard, when asking her what her favorite part of theatre has been, she responds to this question stating, “My favorite thing is just the  family aspect of you getting so close to these people who are constantly working on these shows…It’s nice to find a smaller little pocket.” When asking Enzo Peluffo the same question he states, “One aspect that I really like about theatre is how I challenge myself. The last few performances I’ve had, I’ve put myself in a very vulnerable place and played very weird characters that would normally make me very uncomfortable.” 

India Darling when asked what her favorite part of theatre has been, she reflects that once taking on the persona of a specific character, “you’re really just transported into a new world.” Continuing to reflect on this question she states, “And you can really see different things from the perspective of that character. You get to go through different experiences as that character, and it’s almost like you’re living other lives.” Darling’s favorite showcase she has been apart of throughout her time in Santa Barbara High School’s theatre department was the student-directed play, “Welcome to the Moon.” 

Although these seniors are moving on, not only will their overall presence in theatre will be missed, but the creativity they have brought to every showcase will also be missed.


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