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Club Rush

Club Rush once again, proved to be a successful event for the Dons. Held in the quad, Club Rush brought together all of the organized clubs of our school, which made for an exciting afternoon. Female Equality, Game Development, Vinyl Records, Creative Writing, and many more clubs held promotion booths in the quad. Students could ask questions and learn more about the clubs featured from students running the club.

If you’re looking for a niche or want to find something you’re passionate about, explore our wonderful clubs! If there isn’t a club that aligns with your interests, start one! There are plenty of people who probably share similar interests and are looking for a club just like you.

Many of the club leaders had incentives, including candy or stickers, at their booths to draw people in and promotes interest. Others had artistic signs to display their clubs talent and criteria. 

It’s a really gratifying experience seeing all types of different students interacting and forming new friendships through shared passions. Club Rush is a great way to make new friends easily! All you have to do is join a club-it’s that simple! 

Our school offers great opportunities for students to initiate and join clubs. There is plenty of time during seminar to gather with clubs, and there is a plethora of great resources provided by the staff to get help and support in creating these clubs. If you have any interest in joining or making a club, the best place to go would be to your counselor. They’ll have any information you may need regarding where to go for certain clubs, how and where to sign up, or what sort of clubs you may be interested in. They are also good resources for anyone wishing to create a new club, as they can provide resources, teachers, and any forms you may need.

Be sure to stop by the next Club Rush and check it out!

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