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It Chapter Two Review

In 2017, the movie, “It”, based on the Stephen King novel written in 1986, hit the big screens. The movie was an immediate hit, as positive reviews swarmed social media like tweens at a One Direction concert. The film kept the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time through jump scares, a gripping plot, and lovable characters.

September of 2019, the sequel of the hit movie was released. Set twenty-seven years later, “It Chapter Two” follows the characters everyone grew to love in the first movie. Except the characters are now older, and with no recollection of their past in the small town of Derry.

In the 2017 version of “It”, the main character, Bill, and his “ragtag” group of friends fight and defeat a terrifying clown creature, Pennywise, who was bent on feeding off of the children’s fear. By the end of the nail biting film the clown is killed and the seven main characters make a pact that if Pennywise ever comes back, they’ll return to Derry and kill him once and for all.

With this ending to the first chapter, and for those who have read the original book from 1986, the sequel was no surprise. “It Chapter Two” begins with Bill, the main character of the first movie, now a writer and married, who receives a call from Mike (one of his friends from Derry still living in the town) who explains that all of them need to get together, and doesn’t mention the fact that It has returned. Mike merely warns that they have to return home. Throughout this beginning we see the characters, now in their thirties and living new lives, being called back to Derry.

The characters then begin their next adventure; It is back in Derry and feeding on new children in the town. The main characters fight to keep the children, and themselves, safe from the monster. 

The adults of this movie had huge shoes to fill. The young actors from the first “It” were phenomenal. The adult actors did an outstanding job in portraying these young characters. The actors adopted the same traits and attributes that really helped make the characters unique.

Bill Scarsgårg, who played Pennywise himself, will most likely go down in horror history. Curry is one of the scariest horror antagonists of all time, according to viewers. His mannerisms, voice, and overall acting is downright creepy. This character was one to give you nightmares.

In regards to the horror factor, “It Chapter Two” was overall considered funnier more than scary. I appreciated the plot and character dialogue more than I was scared; however, others who I’ve spoken to were understandably terrified by the movie. I have always been a fan of horror movies, and in terms of that genre the movie was somewhat lacking. For those debating whether or not to see the movie I would encourage it, if you’re a fan of scary but not too scary movies. However, for those hardcore horror fans hoping for a movie full of blood, guts, and gore, I would go into this movie with lowered expectations. 

I personally enjoyed the movie because of the character dynamics. They were really funny and had a lot of relationship issues come up from the last movie. The only part I didn’t like about the movie was the lack of scariness that I was anticipating after being quite scared by the previous film.

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