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Artist of The Month: David Imperioli

This issue’s Artist of The Month is talented musician and Santa Barbara High School senior, David Imperioli. Imperioli was recently offered a spot in the band headlining for the New York Marathon on November 2nd. While he’s on the East coast, he’s scheduled to perform for the United States troops in Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar, located in New Jersey. In the past, David has had gigs at the Granada Theatre, Lobero Theatre, and the Surf Rodeo music festival on the Ventura Pier. Eventually, David hopes to go to a musical school and contiue to improve on his skills and learn more as an aspiring musician. The top three schools he is hoping to attend are UC Berkeley, Cal State Long Beach, and CSU Los Angeles. While he hopes college leads to more opportunities in music, Imperioli has additionally been offered an internship by the Los Angeles Showroom to further learn about building guitars and what the business entails. 

David first started playing music at age eleven and built his first guitar at thirteen. Imperioli mainly enjoys playing R&B and soul music. Jimmi Hendrix happens to be one of his favorite artists. During his free time, he practices his interest in guitar and music engineering. While Imperioli has worked hard, he says the influences that have had the most impact have been his Parents, God, and Santa Barbara High English teacher Roberta Nye. His father, Michael Imperioli, is an actor, writer, and director best known for his role in the hit TV show, The Sopranos. The work his father does has been something David has looked up to since he was young. David knows that no matter who loses hope in him, or what obstacles might come in his way, his faith in God will always guide him above and beyond them. 

Beyond music David enjoys spending time with friends and his family. He’s gotten opportunities to see Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas and appreciates the deep rooted music scene. In academics, David’s favorite subject has been Art History because, “Ms.Nye does an amazing job at teaching the class and keeping students interested”. It will be exciting to see where David’s music, passion, and effort will take him in his future.

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