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Cheer Changes


Due to covid, everyone is experiencing changes including our athletics department. So far cheer has been able to return for try outs in cohorts. While we are able to return to practice we do have some limitations, such as, staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks, not being able to stunt. However we are still able to attend and cheer for games. So far we are working on cheers for our upcoming game. We practice every Monday and Wednesday for an hour to learn our offense, defense and general cheers. It may seem like a lot to learn all of them but the teams there to help you and motivate you. For some more insight I interviewed with Cielo Said (Grade 12)

 How do you feel about this year regarding cheer? 

“I feel practice wise is going well, it’s nice to be in the presence of all my friends and being able to help coach the freshman team and learn all their different personalities which is fun to see them grow and prosper.”

 What changes don’t you like and what changes does she like? 

“I like that we are all a bit more engaged because we only have an hour to complete whatever tasks we have for that day. I would say there are definitely a lot more cons with this situation, for example we have less time to practice, we can’t stunt, and can’t hug each other like we normally do.”

How do you think the team is adjusting? 

“I think the team is adjusting pretty well, we all know our boundaries, and we make the most of what we can do, which is something that I am proud of my team for is having a positive outlook. She is excited for the season, I think I can say that for all teams we are excited but still of course nervous for how it will play out when our season does come around. But the best thing for us to do is to maintain a positive outlook because ultimately we have no control over it, so might as well make the best of what we have.”


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