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CIF Changes In Sports Tiers

Recently the CIF(California Interscholastic Federation)has made some major changes in all sports that are trying to put a season together for high school athletes. Unfortunately due to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Santa Barbara County, it is becoming increasingly challenging for this to be a reality. 

The new tiers are based on the amount of contact for any respective sport. The level colored tiers include; purple, which includes cross country, swimming, and diving, golf, tennis, and track and field. The red tier includes; baseball, girls lacrosse, and softball. The orange tier includes; football, boys lacrosse, boys and girls soccer, volleyball, and water polo. The final tier, yellow, includes; basketball, competitive cheerleading, and wrestling. 

Santa Barbara County suffered a setback when it was moved from the red tier to the purple tier. The reality is that in order for football and volleyball to begin the competition those sports would have to move down two levels from the purple tier (widespread cases) to the orange tier (moderate cases). 

The task to be in the proper tier may seem daunting, but the effort to do our part is the epitome of teamwork. Wearing a mask, avoiding social gatherings, social distancing, and sanitizing your hands should be a part of our daily playbook. High school sports are an important part of the high school experience, for students and athletes. Let’s hope our efforts make it happen despite all the challenges ahead.

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