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Meet Ms. Adams

Mrs. Adams is also not a new face to Santa Barbara High School, however, she has been given the new title as Director of the Computer Science Academy. She has always had a liking for computer science. She knows that STEM is not very welcoming to women, because of this she felt as if it was her calling to help change that culture into a more welcoming environment for women. Although she enjoys working with all age levels, she prefers high school because they are able to grasp and learn more complex things. She enjoys breaking down complex things to her students but dreads the long hours. However, the good overshadows the bad. If she could not be employed in her current position she would still work with computers at her previous place of employment- Epic Systems. At Epic Systems, they provided healthcare software all around the world including our Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. She also stated that improving the quality and access to health care is another one of her passions. She hopes to spread her love of computers to her students, as well as her passion for running, biking, reading, and crocheting for Project Linus.


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