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Meet Ms.Schneider

As the new school year begins I want to welcome one of the many new staff on campus, Ms. Schneider. She is our new school psychologist. When she was in college she quickly figured out that she wanted to work as a school psychologist when she attended UCSB and was inspired by her professor who also worked in school psychology. While she always knew that she wanted to work in education she chose to work in mental health because she saw such a need for help in that area. She took a liking to high school primarily because it is filled with the many milestones of our adolescent lives, and overall enjoys high school students more. She loves to see the growth in her students and hates the long meetings the job comes with. Outside of school she enjoys cooking and learning new recipes as well as hiking and painting. If she could not work in her current position she would most likely work as a marriage and family therapist. Ms. Schneider hopes to see you all soon and in person!


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