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Meet Ms. Shea Peinado

Shea Peinado is one of the newest educators here at Santa Barbara High School. She is no stranger to this city or school, but she recently spent the last six years in Oakland teaching filmmaking camp for girls and nonbinary youth. Ms. Peinado was a student at SBHS and part of the MAD academy as well. Her friend who works at the Santa Barbara Bowl let her know about the opening for Co-Director of the MAD academy and thought Ms. Peinado was the perfect fit and Ms. Peinado felt that it was the perfect opportunity for her. She always felt that she wanted to give back and this job was something she always hoped to do. When I mentioned last year’s scandals she responded with, “Being aware of last year’s scandals and controversies I felt no hesitation about the job, and in fact, felt more compelled to bring my skill sets and approaches to teaching in an effort to shift the MAD Academy in a more positive direction.” She also felt that being a part of MAD in high school and knowing the previous directors would make it easier to see what she wanted the academy to look like. Overall Ms. Peinado is very enthusiastic about this year and being an educator here at Santa Barbara High School. This year she is focusing on making sure there are enough supplies for each student so that each student has personal equipment at home and they do not need to rely on the labs in class. She would also like to change the MAD academy into a more open and inviting community. In addition, she would like to build her students into not only craftspeople but artists. Not only is Ms. Peinado a hardworking educator, but she is also a musician and plays guitar for a surf rock band. She loves to go bikepacking (similar to backpacking but with a mountain bike). In her free time, she helps her father foster puppies for ASPCA. Finally, to anyone reading, Ms.Pienado challenges you to not be afraid to leave your comfort zone.


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