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“Cultural Introspection” by Julianna Williams

When prompted to think about Identity in a Time of Crisis, we first think of others – who are they? But before we delve into each other’s personal experiences, the place to start is with ourselves, because a look into one’s self is the first step in communicating about it with others. Who are we? Who are you? Crisis prompts a close look at yourself, your own heritage and identity, as well as how you view others and if those views need changing. 

This piece is important now because many don’t feel the need to look inward to see their culture or identity, especially if they’re fighting for others. The target audience that I had in mind was the people who think their identity is not worth looking into or won’t be valued by society. Maybe an inner look won’t show vibrant colors and patterns, and maybe it will be a bit painful, but any part of yourself is worth looking into.

Thinking back to the people you or I know that have displayed a colorful expression of their identity and culture, what they had to do before being able to see their value was really learn more about themselves if they were not inherently aware of who they were.

[Part of a series showcasing the work of VADA Sophomores in their English 10 Classes. More information can be found here.]

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