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NBA Finals 2020

On October 11, the LA Lakers won the NBA finals. The end score was 106-93 against the Miami Heat. Over a six-game final, the Lakers won four games. LeBron James helped restore the Lakers reputation by posting a triple double and helping the Lakers shut down the Miami heat offense. 

The last time the Lakers won the NBA finals was in 2010. This was when the Lakers consisted of Kobe Bryant who was the MVP of the 2010 finals with 38 points. In the 2020 NBA finals Lebron James accomplished a similar feat in scoring 28 points and achieving MVP for the game as well. The question is will Lebron be able to keep up his performances for the next season and keep the Lakers in mind as one of the teams to win the NBA finals next year.

In game one of the NBA finals, the Lakers beat the Miami heat 116-98 with Anthon Davis leading in points with 36 scored. In game two, the Lakers beat Miami 124-114 which had the Lakers leading 2-0 over Miami. In game three, Miami beat the Lakers 115-104 putting them back into competition for the win. In game four, the Lakers beat Miami 102-96 which put the Lakers up 3-1 and helped close out the win. In game five, Miami beat the Lakers 111-108 which gave Miami a push to help get closer to winning the final. In game six, the Lakers beat Miami 106-93 which put them 4-2 up and won the Lakers the final. With LeBron scoring 179 points, he helped push the Lakers to secure the NBA finals.

Over the 10 year period in the NBA finals between 2010 and 2020, the Lakers have only been featured in the 2020 and 2010 NBA finals. Although both finals were won, there was a huge drop off in quality. Hopefully, a change has come with LeBron now playing for the Lakers but it will be hard to keep up the quality with his age as he is entering his late thirties. For this reason, the Lakers may have to improvise if they want to keep even being thought of as a team that will be in the NBA finals.

Considering all of this, the Lakers still are very likely going to have a bright future in the NBA, especially if they keep improving as they are. And for the next NBA season, other teams should be aware of the Lakers and what they can do.


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