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Student Athlete Tests Positive For COVID-19

A student athlete from Santa Barbara High School has tested positive for COVID-19,  according to the Santa Barbara School District. Due to the Santa Barbara school district policy, it was contained in a pod preventing the entire cancellation of sports. The containment allowed high school sports to continue, however the only people that were affected were in the same pod as the student athlete that has tested positive. This pod is currently under quarantine for fourteen days and will return back to practicing on November 17, 2020. 

     Coaches have reiterated the importance of being safe outside of practice by avoiding immense group gatherings, wearing a mask, hand-washing, and keeping the required six-feet distance from others in public. A number of coaches from this year’s winter and spring sports are worried that certain activities will get pushed back by weeks or cancelled, if more cases tend to show up. If students cannot adhere to the necessary COVID 19 protocol, they run the risk of putting their team sport in jeopardy. The student athlete’s name has been withheld due to confidentiality reasons.

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