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“Humanity’s Effect” by India Knox Kelly

This piece means a lot to me because not only was it captivatingly inspiring to paint, but also because it represents my increasingly strong feelings towards our earth and climate change, an issue that is often disregarded. I hope that people will look past the plain writing and think deeper than the literal meaning of the words in order to find it in themselves to change their ways for the benefit of this planet. I am a strong believer of putting Mother Earth first in order to guarantee a luscious and successful future for our species, as well as all other species that roam this beautiful planet. As humans we are responsible for 100% of the pollution to this environment and it’s time that we make a change. It is not a trend and its is most definitely not a front we can keep putting up to appear as better people in the eyes of our surrounding societies, for if we do not change there will no longer be societies to impress. I hope that my art will inspire you to think over your ways of being and help you determine whether or not you will change for the better.

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