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Meet Ms. Elliott

Ms. Elliott is an art teacher here at SBHS, it’s also her first year. She chose to be an art teacher because she always loved art growing up. She also came from a family of educators and she realized that she wanted to be a teacher too and teach her students the beauty of visual expression. This upcoming year she is looking forward to being able to see more of her friends and family who don’t live near and being able to travel more. Outside of school she likes to try to spend time doing trail maintenance in our local mountains and forest. She enjoys other forms of exercise as well as traveling when she’s able to and spending time with her family. She also loves to create her own artwork and sell it on occasions. Ms. Elliott prefers teaching high school to other education levels because she really enjoys teaching older students more advanced art techniques. By teaching at this level she also feels like there is a greater chance that students may pursue their artistic interests in the future. She also likes how she can hold deeper conversations with students and get to know them individually and what their unique interests and viewpoints are. Her favorite parts of her job is being able to interest and inspire students to acquire a skill that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. She also absolutely loves to see all the really creative, fun, and beautiful artworks that students are able to create. She loves teaching students how art is such a vital and important part of life and it is everywhere they look. At the moment, her least favorite part of the current situation is not being able to access students, help them, answer questions, and see their actual work as easily as she would be able to in the regular classroom. If she wasn’t in her current position she would probably be making a lot more of her own artwork and trying to sell it as well as be able to travel a bit more and visit family and friends. Since this is her first year at SBHS she would like to thank the staff, students, and families who have welcomed her into their school community and she hopes to meet many of you in person sometime soon. Ms. Elliott also hopes that everyone stays safe and healthy this winter!

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