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The Effect of COVID-19 on Families

COVID-19 has affected millions of families worldwide. Resulting in grandparents, parents, and even children dying. Sadly, I happen to be a part of the families affected by it. The pain of losing a loved one is more than just sadness. The pain of not being able to even say goodbye to them and having to bear the fact that they died isolated from everyone they love and care about is more than you could imagine. Once they step foot through that hospital door, there is no going back. 

My aunt Aurora passed away a couple months ago from this virus. She was very loved in our family and was always the star of the parties. She was only in the hospital for two weeks before she died.  The virus also infected her husband. They were separated right away, and he was sent somewhere else. They didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to each other one last time. 

He was sent to an isolation center where he fought for his life. Almost 4 months went by until he was sent to a rehab center. My uncle had no idea that my aunt had passed away, and in the rehab center, he kept trying to get a hold of a phone to call her. His son, my other uncle, had told the people to make up excuses for not giving him a phone so he didn’t know that my aunt had passed away. But slowly, my uncle had been giving his dad hints that she was not doing well. 

Of course, pre-existing conditions may affect how bad COVID-19 affects people, not only that but the age of the patient plays a massive part in recovering from COVID-19. My aunt was elderly and already had pre-existing conditions, which may have lowered her chances of survival. Her husband, on the other hand, is also elderly but has no pre-existing conditions. 

Sadly, many families are suffering from deaths in their families because of this virus. Everything happens so fast, and the worst part is that you can’t even say goodbye (face to face/in person). I just wish people stayed inside instead of being selfish, and not thinking of what can happen if they, or others, get the virus. 

One college case where a 19-year-old in Indiana had tested positive for COVID-19 resulted in serious side effects despite her young age. CBS News says the student had been in quarantine after testing positive and suddenly died because of pulmonary embolism, which is a blockage of an artery in the lungs, most commonly from a blood clot. Her family was heartbroken by her death but wants to spread the message to stay inside and social distance. No family wants to go through this. 

COVID-19 is a serious matter that is not to be taken lightly. The families who are being affected by it, including me, would do whatever they could to just go back to how life was before the pandemic. Please wear a mask and social distance, and do your part to prevent any more cases resulting in serious consequences.

Photo Credit: My Aunt


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