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The Passing of Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts is best known for starring on the show called “That 70s show” under the name Midge, the mother of Donna and next-door neighbor. “That 70s Show” came out originally on August 23,1998, and has been a binge-worthy show about the lives of teenagers. Tanya was born October 15,1955 and recently passed away January 4th, 2021 Monday morning. She passed away from a Urinary Tract Infection that spread to her kidney, gallbladder, liver, and her bloodstream. The strangest part of the death is the day before her passing her agent had announced her death and it was deemed fake until the next day when she truly passed. Tanya was also in the series Charlie’s Angels plus many more movies and shows. Tanya left the series in 2001 because her husband became terminally ill but returned in future episodes. Tayna Roberts made such an impact on so many lives and she will be forever remembered.


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