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Holiday Travel During Covid-19

The pandemic has caused a great deal of stress for people. Many are seizing this time during quarantine to travel in order to see family but that can come with consequences. In many places, cases have still been rising. Covid cases have skyrocketed since Thanksgiving and the increase of cases from Christmas and New Year’s is still unfolding. The CDC is advising people to see their family members through Zoom or just stay home and celebrate with their own household. The main concern is still hospilizations with cases rising.

Locally, Covid cases started rising after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since Covid cases started to rise, there has been a stay-at-home order in California and it just got extended. Cases started to rise around December 6 and have increased since then with over 500 new cases per day. Not just cases, but death rates and hospitalizations, are only getting higher and that is continuing to worry healthcare workers. The California coronavirus response website ( had a list of do’s and don’ts for the holidays and options to slow down the spread. During holiday travel or just traveling in general they want people to take precautions when coming home. They are wanting people to do a viral test 3-5 days after their trip so that way just in case they have it they’ll know for sure. Make sure to follow the guidelines and quarantine before getting tested. 

Through this article I hope you understand why it’s important to stay home. Staying home is important so not only you stay safe, but so your family and friends do too. If you have any questions about symptoms or Covid go to .

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